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"Linux Day 2011'' Bangladesh, Celebrating 20th Birthday of Linux

Posted by ASIF SAHO on Saturday, August 20, 2011 , under | comments (1)

August 25, 1991, A student of IT in Helsinki University, named Torvalds Linus had announced the first release of a free and open source kernel named “LINUX”. From that day till today LINUX had travelled a long way and conquered the world of Server Operating Systems. But now it is not only a server OS but also very much popular in desktop computing world. To spread out this information to the IT lovers of Bangladesh and to make them understand the power of Linux based OSs and Open Source Softwares, Foundation for Open Source Solutions Bangladesh is organizing a whole day program at Teachers-Students Center (TSC) at Dhaka University as to celebrate the 20th Birthday of Linux, “LINUX DAY - 2011”. If you are a technology lover please join us at the program.
Date & Time: August 25, 2011, Thursday. Starts from 10:00 AM.
Place: Teachers-Students Center (TSC), Dhaka UniversityProgram Schedule:
1. We will start for a rally on 10:00 AM from the Public Library gate at Shahbag and the rally will round up through Raju Monument, Shaheed Minar, Bangla Academy and ends at the Pakhi Chattar at Dhaka University.

2. At 10:30 AM the main program will began at the lobby and games room of TSC and there will be a show of Banners and Festoons and Paper Dongles featuring the Power of Open Source and Linux, History and timeline of Linux, Organization working for Open Source and Linux promotions etc. This program will be open for all.
3. A video show will be there for all featuring the enthusiasts and lovers of Linux and organizations working for Open Source and Linux promotions and contributions.
4. At Afternoon from 16:00 a conversation will be started to share information and knowledge among the invited guests and enthusiasts and the visitors came the show and program.
5. Moreover there will be an arrangement where the the visitors may collect their desired Linux in ISO format on Pen drive or in boot able format in CD/DVD media.

Ashickur Noor
Asst. Co-Ordinator, Online Publications
“LINUX DAY - 2011” Celebration Committee

Foundation for Open Source Solutions Bangladesh (FOSS Bangladesh)

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Posted by ASIF SAHO on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 , under | comments (0)

AVRO 5.1.0 Relesed!! What’s new in Avro Keyboard 5.1.0

Posted by ASIF SAHO on Saturday, January 1, 2011 , under | comments (4)

What’s new in Avro Keyboard 5.1.0?

* The whole project has been rewritten from scratch for better performance
    * Avro Keyboard is now Open Source, licensed under Mozilla Public License 1.1
    * New Bangla Spell Checker. Both for plain text and rich text (through MS Word add-in).
    * New Kalpurush Bangla font. Siyam Rupali is updated and now Windows 7 ready.
    * New ANSI typing mode. Avro Keyboard can now be used with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and what not! New ANSI version of Siyam Rupali and Kalpurush fonts are provided, they are completely compatible with fonts from Bijoy 2000 version.
    * New Font Fixer and iComplex. They now work right inside the installer. The installer also can update usp10.dll if it is allowed and the dll already installed is faulty.
    * New Dictionary based typing mode in Avro Phonetic.
    * New Unicode to ANSI (Bijoy 2000) plain text converter tool.
    * New Keyboard Mode switcher key – Ctrl+Space. Ctrl+Alt+B option is removed.
    * New cool splash screen and windows 7 ready icons. Showing splash screen at startup is now optional. New icon in system tray.
    * System tray menu now has everything of the Top Bar.
    * New skins
    * Keyboard macro feature removed as an unused bloat.
    * All modules now support Unicode path/file name and Win32 APIs.
    * More characters added in Avro Mouse.
    * Redesigned Layout Viewer. You can now print keyboard layouts by just hitting the print button. Zooming in and out is now easier.
    * Redesigned Option dialog box, it is now more sleek and all the nuts and bolts that autopilot can handle has been removed for the sake of simplicity.
    * Redesigned Layout Editor’s user interface.
    * Locale handling reconfigured. Instead of sticking with a single locale in English/System default keyboard mode, Avro Keyboard now actually remembers and restores locales in each window.
    * Added option for typing dot/period (.) with Vertical Bar/Pipe key (|). Targeted for users with Laptop/Netbook/Smaller keyboards without Numpad.
    * Made Jo-Nukta (জ়) in Shift+J optional. We’ve seen lots of misuse/confusion with this character, mostly because the writers couldn’t distinguish it from Jo (জ). So, this option is now disabled by default.
    * New import dictionary feature in Auto Correct.
    * Keyboard layouts and skins now can be installed by simply double clicking on them. You can also drag them and drop on the Top Bar, they will be installed right away!
    * The keyboard layout, skin, autocorrect dictionary etc. are no longer placed in Program Files folder, they are moved to /Avro Keyboard/ . Go to about dialog box of Avro Keyboard to find out exactly where the folder is located.
    * Skins (*.avroskin) and Keyboard Layout (*.avrolayout) files from previous versions of Avro Keyboard can be used with the new Avro Keyboard 5x. The structure of these files have changed, Avro Keyboard 5x will convert them on the fly automatically. Once converted, previous versions of Avro Keyboard will not be able to open them.
    * Lots of smilies added to Auto Correct dictionary.
    * Tools menu rearranged in a more organized way. Added Phonetic quick preferences.
    * Rewritten documentation, formatted in more printer friendly manner.
    * Better memory management. Avro Keyboard is designed to be long running process and is able to minimize its memory usage in all possible way.
    * Added official Facebook and Twitter links in the web menu.
    * The installer now asks for permission to enable online update check.
    * Lots of known bugs has been fixed.


Download Avro Keyboard Standard Edition 5.1.0

with Bangla Spell Checker!

Download Avro 5.1.0 (Omicronlab)

Download Avro 5.1.0 (Niponwave Mirror)

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